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Democrats and Republicans join forces against Googles, Amazon & Co.

The story around the American Innovation and Choice Online Act If you follow the political development in the USA in recent years, you can see a deep split in the political landscape between the Republicans on the one and the Democrats on the other hand. It seems almost impossible to imagine how these two parties, […]

Staff Development – The New Way

The innovative new concept of Time-2-Explore GmbH for professional staff development In times of rapid digitalization of work processes at all levels of a company, it is of existential importance to ensure the competitiveness and therefore the economic survival of a company that its most valuable resources – the employees – are familiar with the […]

What’s next for the whistleblower law?

CDU/CSU and SPD argue about implementation of EU directive At least since Edward Snowden’s spectacular revelations about the NSA’s spying practices, everyone knows what a whistleblower is. Whistleblower usually accept a very high personal risk and repressions in order to point out significant abuses and violations of rights within their field of activity to make […]

Data octopuses on the iPhone and iPad: These apps help themselves the most!

In a recent study, the privacy experts at pCloud examined the so-called privacy labels in the App Store to identify the apps that process the most user data. The object of the investigation was not only to find out which apps use information for their own internal purposes, but also those that share their information […]

The Diem Project – a new currency from Facebook for the Internet.

What does that actually mean and what is it all about? The Diem Association, formerly Libra, co-founded by Facebook, is pursuing the mission of developing an Internet of money. A global currency and financial infrastructure for billions of people. The European Central Bank and the Bank of China are also looking at introducing a digital […]

Transparency register for lobbying in EU institutions

An important step towards increasing trust in political decisions Since the end of 2020, there has been an agreement to introduce a mandatory transparency register for the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission. This agreement goes back to a Proposal the Commission had already submitted in 2016. On December 15, […]

Employee monitoring: An increasing nuisance with the use of products from American IT corporations

Excessive monitoring and performance checks of employees due to the use of products from U.S. IT corporations are increasingly leading to unlawful restrictions on employee rights and violations of applicable data protection regulations in Germany as well. While Microsoft responded early to concerns about questionable functions in Office 365, authorities objected to Amazon’s use of […]

The new “Digital Services Act” of the EU. What is in store for us there?

On December 9, 2020, the EU Commission intends to announce a series of new planned competition and antitrust regulations to improve the control of technology groups, particularly the major Internet platforms. In a report published on November 19, 2020, the EU Court of Auditors also urges the improvement of corresponding EU regulations. In particular, the […]

Penalty for Facebook by German Federal Cartel Office

What is the reason behind this? In a judgement, the German Federal Supreme Court confirmed the imposition of a fine by the German Federal Cartel Office against Facebook. Although the judgement of the German Federal Supreme Court was issued more than two months ago, I would like to take up the issue again here and […]