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The European Court of Justice explains in its recent judgement: Privacy-Shield Agreement – ineffective! What does this mean in practice?

In its latest decision the European Court of Justice declares the Privacy-Shield-Agreement to be ineffective. Essentially, it justifies this on the basis of US security laws, which grant the authorities extensive access to data of EU citizens without significant restrictions and without judicial control being possible. At the same time, the European Court of Justice […]

Donald Trump versus Twitter? And why Mark Zuckerberg interferes.

Twitter had gone over to mark fake news and false claims in his published tweets. In doing so, Twitter wanted to make it clear that Twitter was questioning the truth of some content. This was also done to the successful Twitterer Donald J. Trump who has more than 85.5 million followers. He directly saw this […]

April 2020

ODSC East 2020 is one of the world’s largest conferences for AI data science. This year it was successfully converted from a face-to-face conference to a digital conference at short notice due to the worldwide Corona Pandemic. Speakers include some of the key contributors to many open source tools, libraries and languages. At ODSC East […]

November 2019

German Congress of CIO`s The DITL is the largest specialist congress for IT decision-makers and IT managers in Germany. This year it took place from 28th – 30th October in Duesseldorf. I had the pleasure to be a speaker on the following topic: GDPR: One year later – What has been achieved? What is still […]

May 2019

At this year’s SETI 4.0 I was asked to examine and question the EU-GDPR once again. So I was a speaker with the following topic at this online conference: 1 year of CDPR- an intermediate report for Moscow If you prefer to read this presentation, you can find it here.

Job application costs, who actually has to bear them by law?

Disclaimer: All of the following Statements are based on the German Law. Over and over again you can see in job advertisements or during the preparation for a job interview that the company advertising the job points out that they unfortunately cannot cover the costs for the job interview. This raises the question: How do […]

November 2018

In November 2018 I was invited by the Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences and The Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation to conduct the International Scientific and Practical Conference. The theme of the conference was: “A new culture of communication in the context of digital and […]