New Year- New Semicolon – New Knowledge!

On 23.02.2021 it’s that time again. In cooperation with Mr. Martin Boßlet (independent consultant with focus on security, web and enterprise applications, lecturer for cryptography as well as programming languages and for various topics in the field of web development)

I will give a lecture on the following hot topic at Semicolon about:


an ever-growing challenge for companies
of any industry and size

Semicolon offers free monthly live webinars for executives as a meeting place for IT specialists who make decisions and bear responsibility.

After our presentation, Mr. Boßlet and I will of course be available to answer your questions in the Zoom meeting room. There you can also exchange ideas with the other participants. The event is free of charge and free of advertising!

I look forward meeting you and if you don’t have time to spare, you are welcome to watch the presentation as usual here.

ODSC East 2020 online conference
from 13.04.2020 to 17.04.2020 in Boston, MA, USA

ODSC East 2020 is one of the world’s largest conferences for AI data science. This year it was successfully converted from a face-to-face conference to a digital conference at short notice due to the worldwide Corona Pandemic.

Speakers include some of the key contributors to many open source tools, libraries and languages. At ODSC East 2020, the latest AI and data science topics, tools and languages were explained and discussed by some of the greatest and smartest minds in the field. It is the conference to engage, build, evolve and learn from the entire data science community.

In this context, I had the privilege to be a speaker in cooperation with Dr. Volker Hadamschek (BASF Digital Farming GmbH) at this conference with the title: GDPR in Action- Does It Work?

We wanted to show that implementing these requirements for doing business in Europe has proven to be much easier than expected. To this end, we gave an insight into real life, accompanied by legal expertise on how the GDPR requirements were implemented in the digital farming sector at BASF. Dr. Volker Hadamschek is data protection officer at BASF Group, which is the world’s largest chemical company.

The main focus was on the following key issues:

  • How does the GDPR implement data protection requirements?
  • What is the risk if I do not ensure compliance with the GDRP?
  • How do I efficiently implement the GDPR requirements?
  • Why are Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook promoting GDPR as a blueprint for US data protection regulation?

In addition to the economic aspect, Geoffrey Hinton and other leading scientists have also stressed the urgent need for data processing regulations. We pointed out that GDPR provides an important piece of the puzzle to ensure that data is used for good. We also discussed the echo on GDPR in the US, Canada and Brazil, but our focus was on EU data protection rules (GDPR). The focus of the presentation was to present the practical challenges in a solution-oriented way. In this way, my contribution brought great added value to the digital audience of practitioners.

This conference was also a highlight of my career as a speaker so far. It was incredibly inspiring to see how all those people, despite many difficulties, still came together digitally to talk about future perspectives.

Who Cares About Data Privacy?

Click on the following link to find my publication, which I wrote together with Mr. Hadamscheck from BASF for the independent ODSC blog.

Here you can find the publication.

German Congress of CIO`s

The DITL is the largest specialist congress for IT decision-makers and IT managers in Germany. This year it took place from 28th – 30th October in Duesseldorf. I had the pleasure to be a speaker on the following topic:

GDPR: One year later – What has been achieved? What is still to be done?

The visitors of the congress were able to discuss the benefits and success of the GDPR with me – after I had given a detailed conclusion. The GDPR is now a year old and caused much uncertainty.

In this context, I also provided hints on how to act legally.

Here you can find the presentation of my lecture.

At this year’s SETI 4.0 I was asked to examine and question the EU-GDPR once again. So I was a speaker with the following topic at this online conference:

1 year of CDPR- an intermediate report for Moscow

If you prefer to read this presentation, you can find it here.

In November 2018 I was invited by the Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences and The Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation to conduct the International Scientific and Practical Conference. The theme of the conference was: “A new culture of communication in the context of digital and sociocultural globalization: law, media and national identity.

My presentation, which I was allowed to give, was titled:

A first attempt to regain the legislative and social sovereignty of the European states vis-à-vis the international corporations that dominate the Internet.

If you would like to read this presentation, you can find it here.

Copyright- a jungle of legal traps? Not at all!

Together with lawyer Michael Lanzinger and Andreas Schwarzlmüller from Frameblending located  in AustriaI I recorded an audiobook on this topic. We have taken a closer look at important subjects, questions and even myths surrounding this area of law.

Link to the audio book:

Cologne Conference on Security in Information Technology

At KISK (CCSIT) 2017 I was one of the speakers on this topic:

The new EU data protection basic regulation
All new? Or just old wine in new bottles?

I am happy to make the entire presentation available to you here.