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Again, and again we read or hear: “The ECJ has decided” or “[…] the ECJ has today in its decision strengthened the rights of consumers in the EU” or something similar. The questions that come to mind are in such a case: What legal effect does the decision have for me as a citizen of […]

In my seminars on copyright law I have come across this question again and again in the recent months. The occasion was the discussion about the new EU Copyright Directive, which was decided on in the summer of 2019 with a lot of excitement in public. Keywords were upload – filter and direct liability of […]

Disclaimer: All of the following Statements are based on the German Law. Over and over again you can see in job advertisements or during the preparation for a job interview that the company advertising the job points out that they unfortunately cannot cover the costs for the job interview. This raises the question: How do […]

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