The innovative new concept of Time-2-Explore GmbH for professional staff development

In times of rapid digitalization of work processes at all levels of a company, it is of existential importance to ensure the competitiveness and therefore the economic survival of a company that its most valuable resources – the employees – are familiar with the new challenges and are able to master them safely.

However, it is not enough to simply impart technical knowledge and functionalities; individual understanding and acceptance of the new opportunities offered by digitization for each and every employee at all levels of the company is absolutely necessary for the success of professional development.

It is not enough to provide knowledge in a one-sided way, through online courses, online videos or any other of the many training tools available on the market; training is only successful when the individual employee can apply their knowledge individually to the needs of their specific work environment and is supported directly and with competence.

Continuing professional development is served in many ways by an almost immense market of providers. Here, formats and tools are also offered that make use of the infrastructure and technical possibilities that the Internet offers, in individual cases even in a very innovative way.

But how can it be that:

  • in a survey of 1500 managers from 50 organizations that 75 % were dissatisfied with the training offered by their organization?
  • more than 70 % of the employees do not have the minimum perception of what knowledge is required for the job they are doing today.
  • only 12% of workers apply the knowledge they learn in training programs to their jobs.
  • Only 25% of employees believe that training improves the quality of their work!

All in all, it needs to be mentioned that most of the training offered today is not only ineffective overall, but also that the reason, timing, and content of the training offered is often inaccurate. Not to talk about the fact that the possibilities of innovative improvements offered by the Internet and digitalization are not just limited to the appropriate professionally trained employees, but really must reach every single workplace in a company.

The new and innovative concept of Time-2-Explore GmbH, a company I founded together with my two daughters, addresses, and solves exactly these problems.

Look forward to the next Shout- Outs. In them I will further explain the individual components of this concept, which is characterized by elements of personal support, flexible planning, and transparent costs.

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