Kompetenz aus Münster.
Reinhold Beckmann (Rechtsanwalt)


Software licenses
Software license models of all major vendors, e.g.  IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.   International End User License Agreements (EULAs)   Fiduciary License Agreements, Software-Leasing contracts, ESCROW-Agreements , Licenses in bankruptcy , Used Licenses, etc.

Software Contracts
ASP-Contracts, Software Development Contracts, Project Contracts, Hosting-Contracts, Provider-Contracts, Systems Contracts, Maintenance Contracts, Support Contracts

IT-Contract Law
International NDAs, General Terms and Conditions , Warranty and  Liability for defects, SLAs (Service Level Agreements)  Software Quell code , Public Procurement ,etc.

IT-Distribution Contracts
OEMs, International Distribution Contracts International Product Liability,  Distributor GTCs , Reseller Contracts, Cooperation Contracts , International Technology Cooperation’s , Competition and Anti Trust Law, Employees Contracts, International Agency Contracts, Letter of Intends, etc